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The quirky and the cool are in London

by frankrio456

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London really is a great place to be, but if you’re from
here, or have been here a while, you may be finding that the sparkle is
starting to wear off. You’ve seen it all, Piccadilly Circus, Hyde Park, Albert
and Victoria, The London Eye, what you really want is to find something off
beat and cool to do. You fancy yourself a bit of a hipster but so far all those
cool, hip people and things seem to be elusive, or downright crazy. What are
you to do? Well, why not spend the day with cheap London escorts? She will know
exactly where to take you to get a taste of something new.

All you have to do is find the perfect cheap London
escort for you. She can be blonde, or brunette, Asian or British, or anything
in between. Once you have found the perfect girl you can organise a time and
place to meet, and you can even let her know that you want to do something a
little different. She will take this ball and run with it! Meet her at your
local bar and she will take it from there. This summer there are so many things
to do; she may take you to Stonehenge on Tour. Artist Jeremy Deller has created
a life sized, inflatable Stonehenge, which you can jump about, and bounce all
over, not only is it quirky, but also incredibly great fun. What better way to
get to know a beautiful girl than on a fun date to something quirky and odd
that only happens this summer? If this isn’t your thing and you worry about
what bra your date has on, and you prefer to get to know each other over a
lovely meal, then have her organise tickets to a Global Feast. Here you can
taste cuisine from all over the world, and you can challenge her to a
competition over who can eat the spiciest food! Not normally what you would do
on a date, but it will broaden your horizons as well as make your date with cheap
London escorts more enjoyable.


With the Games in town you might want to show off your
athleticism, give your date for a night a little sneak preview of your moves,
where better to do this than at the Olimpik Paper Scissors Rock competition?
This is one of those things you can do in the evening, which is great if you
work all day and want to blow off a little steam with cheap London escorts in
the dark hours. Show her your great finger work and she will not only love you
for it, but laugh her head off! London isn’t just full of great tourist spots.
If you know where to look you can find the fun and the quirky everywhere!


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