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Hybrid cycles are a perfect blend of performance and comfort

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Cycling is one of the best ways to burn calories and get in shape. For many people it is a great family activity while for some it is a passion to pursue. Passionate cycling enthusiasts stick to flexible bikes with latest features and technology. There are many high-tech cycles available in the market for professional mountain bikers or racers, but many times casual riders have to choose from limited options. Time is changing fast and so is the technology in the different areas. For people who love to travel short distances whether on a paved road or on an unpaved trail, hybrid cycles are a great option. As the name suggests these bikes are hybrids between mountain and road bikes. They are a brand new breed of cycles made by combining the best features of both the models. In short they have best features of mountain as well as road bikes.

Hybrid bikes are fast, sturdy, comfortable and ideal for riding on streets and bike paths. It has certain characteristics of mountain bikes like an upright frame of the cycle. This offers a more comfortable position for riding. They have wider tires for better traction and stability. They have a stouter frame body to handle more weight and to absorb shocks while travelling on an unpaved path. Similarly it has certain features of road bikes like lighter rims for faster riding. They are made of lighter components like road bikes for taller gearing and achieving high-speed while riding.

Wheels of hybrid cycles are a true combination of mountain and road bike. They are wider like in mountain bikes to provide greater stability and durability on difficult trails. The tires have higher air pressure as in road bikes that allow them to ride fast and reduce rolling resistance. Rims and spokes are also lighter just like in road bikes to attain good speed in less time. Most of the hybrid cycle frames are made of aluminum or steel for greater durability purpose. The handlebars are typically flat like mountain bikes. These handlebars allow the rider to sit upright and provide better position for vision and control as in road bikes. These bikes have a wide range of gearing to help the rider to climb hills fast and ride smoothly on flat trails. It’s gearing set up is more similar to road bikes.

If you are a beginner and looking for a proper bike to ride on hilly areas as well as flat trails, hybrids are the perfect bikes to opt for. They are gaining popularity world-wide as they are a perfect blend of performance and comfort.

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