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Use Direct Debit for Convenience

by maemullen

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Blame it on the busy lifestyle of people nowadays, many couldn’t keep up, a problem that motivates them to find solution to such problems. Convenience is the most sought after life perks and privileges and this is where technological innovations come into play. One of the day to day or should we say month to month life inconvenience is paying the bills. Of course it is already a problem for a person to look for money in order to pay the monthly dues and as such it is also a drag that one still has to go to the payment center of each and every establishment to pay for your bills. Imagine taking the trip to different payment centers, of course there might be one-stop-payment centers for paying all your bills but still you have to travel to those locations. It would be very convenient if you could just have your payment automatically debited to your bank account before your bill reaches its due date?


Pay Your Bills With Direct Debit


Now you can pay for your bills automatically saving the trip to payment centers with the use of Direct Debit. You might be wondering, what is direct debit? Basically, a direct debit is the authority given by a person or an entity to an organisation in order to debit from the former’s account. This means that you as a payee will give authorisation to a company or organisation offering direct debit services to debit your account for different purposes such as paying your bills.


The Direct Debit Guarantee


This new way of financial transaction of course is not without any criticisms at all, there are questions from people, especially regarding the security of their money, since you will actually allow a third party company to directly take from your account. However, you can be assured that your money is safe, this is because the authorisation you give to a direct debit bureau is limited only up to the extent that you allow them to. This means that the organisation will only debit payments that you authorise them to from your account. On top of that payees are protected by the direct debit guarantee where it states that just in case the payment was debited to your account by mistake you will be able to claim the full amount back from your bank.


Direct Debits definitely would give you the advantage and the convenience in paying your bills among other payments that where direct debit is applicable. The question regarding security has been answered and the guarantee would definitely put your mind at ease.

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