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Know What to Expect from a GE Lighting Fixtures Distributor

by meridianelectricinc

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An introduction to industrial lighting

Federal regulations make it mandatory for an enterprise to offer sufficient illumination at its site or facility. Lighting is also important from the point of view of safety. At the same time, industries and commercial houses are constantly finding new ways to reduce their power bills. This is where high-quality lighting solutions such as GE lighting fixtures come into play. There are different varieties of industrial lighting that we shall explore later in this article. Lighting and fixtures used for commercial and industrial purposes can be procured from a distributor specializing in lighting and electrical fixtures. The required wattage can be planned in accordance with the space to be illuminated.

Importance of lighting

The quality of lighting available at an industrial unit has a direct impact on the productivity of the workforce. Poor lighting can often be a cause for costly downtime. Hence, it becomes imperative for industries to plan and invest in the right industrial lighting fixtures. Sometimes, industries might make arrangements for ample lighting. But if they are using the wrong type of light, the purpose of illumination is defeated. GE is reputed for manufacturing lighting solution for industrial facilities, manufacturing plants, warehouses, and other outdoor areas. Energy-saving and shatter-proof lighting products can have a positive impact on industrial lighting.

Types of lighting fixtures for industries

There are a myriad of lighting fixtures that can be ordered via an electrical distributor. Such distributors can offer the latest products within a short time frame. Many a times, distributors also offer discounted products.

Here are some basic varieties of industrial lighting fixtures:

1. Incandescent lighting: This is the most widely used variety of lighting that can be used indoor and outdoor. This is further classified into lighting for hazardous locations and lighting for non-hazardous locations. If you application is prone to dirt, vibration, splinters, and moisture, you might want to discuss these aspects with your electrical distributors to source the right type of light.

2. HID lighting: High Intensity Discharge lighting is a variety of arc lamp. They are used in large areas that need bright illumination. Examples include play grounds, highways, warehouses, and other large spaces.

3. Fluorescent lighting: This is also a gas discharge lamp that converts electrical power into light. Such lighting is preferred because it is energy-efficient while providing bright illumination. GE lighting fixtures comprise a wide range of fluorescent lighting for industrial and commercial use.

4. Floodlights: These lights are ultra powerful and are used to illuminate acres of land. Floodlights are often found in playgrounds, outdoor conventions, construction sites, mining sites etc.

These are just a few examples of the different types of industrial lighting solutions. GE lighting fixtures cover many more illumination solutions that cater to the most specialized requirements.

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