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Know More About Laser Hair Reduction

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In our culture, only the hair on the head are prized and appreciated. Therefore, all types of hair removal practices are always welcomed by the sufferers. Laser hair reduction has also joined the bevy of the  popular cosmetic treatments.


The treatment has been in practice since 1970s. Those who have undergone this consider it as safe and effective. Its principle if described in one line would be “ pulsating light beams destroy hair follicles disabling them for future growth”.


How it works:


Hair follicles have certain color pigment molecules which absorb the energy of the focused light beam. This shows that treatment will be more effective in individuals with light skin and dark hair.


Until recently, the treatment of darker skin individuals was a tough task as their skin used to absorb light radiations along with hair follicles causing its burning. However, technology has evolved and now the treatment is possible for darker skinned individuals also. According to physicians, burning of skin still remains a challenging task.


Similar to this, individuals having blonde, gray or white hair shows lesser results to this treatment as compared to black hair candidates. For such individuals, a different alternative based on electrolysis. In this a mild electronic current is passed through a needle which is zapped around hair follicles.


Laser hair reduction and electrolysis both have their pros and cons. Laser works on larger areas of follicles instantly like legs, bikini line while electrolysis works on a single follicle at a time. With electrolysis, hair removal is permanent while with laser hair reduction, a regular maintenance is required to keep these unwanted hair away.


Laser hair reduction brings results after 4-5 laser treatment due to the growth tendency and dormancy cycles of the hair. This takes around 6-10 weeks in whole. The reason behind this is that laser treatment works only in the growth phase of laser treatment.


Laser hair reduction can be of different types depending upon the type of laser used. Some of its variations are described below-


  • Ruby laser- oldest types of laser treatment. Fine and light haired individuals are the best patients of this treatment.


  • Alexandrite Laser- widely used treatment for light and olive complexions. It is efficient in treating larger areas of the body.



  • Diode laser- unlike above, it works best for the darker skin individuals.


  • Nd:YAG Laser-though it is safe for all types of skin but this therapy causes a bit of discomfort as compared to other lasers.



  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Device- though IPLs are not lasers as such but their principle is same. Spas offering hair removal generally uses this technique. However, make sure that you take it from the hands of trained and experienced professionals.


Does the laser hair reduction actually work?


Though, it is true that everybody is not satisfied with the results of the treatments but in such cases, the treatment is not to be blamed. Laser mainly works on the sensitivity of the skin. Every individual has got different type of skin and thus shows different results. Moreover, the perfection of results also depends on the person under whose guidance the treatment has taken place.


Therefore, it is always advisable for you to consult dermatologist and laser experts everything about the treatment.

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