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Damaged object causes 'System low on virtual memo'

by larendaniel

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PowerPoint is a feature-rich presentation program used by millions across the globe. The application, part of the MS Office suite, lets you create stunning presentations with ease and convenience. However, at times, certain PowerPoint errors might baffle you. The problem increases when you cannot access the information stored in a presentation. This, mostly, happens when a presentation contains a damaged object (s) or if a file is itself corrupt. To handle corruption and recover maximum amount of information, you can employ several corrective steps provided by Microsoft. But, if you cannot conduct successful recovery, it is recommended that you opt for a third-party powerpoint repair software.
Consider a scenario, wherein, you get a PowerPoint 2000 presentation via e-mail. You save it to your computer's disk and make an attempt to open it. The presentation doesn't open and you may receive the following error message:

"Your system is low on virtual memory. To ensure that Windows runs properly, increase the size of your virtual memory paging file."

Upon receiving the error message, you might think about increasing the size of virtual memory, but  the fact is you cannot eliminate the error message this way.

The possible reasons behind the above error message are:
•If the presentation contains a damaged object
•Or if the presentation is corrupt (network failure while downloading, large size and other reasons)

In order to resolve the problem, you must follow the below-mentioned PPT recovery steps:
•You must remove the damaged object from the presentation. Here is a list of steps to follow:
1.Start PowerPoint 2000, and open the affected presentation
2.Start scrolling the file. The computer would stop responding on one of the slides which contains the damaged object before throwing the error
3.Note the location of the problematic object
4.Now, open the presentation in question on a Windows 95 or 98-based computer system
5.Go to the location of the offending object and delete it
6.You can now open the presentation on your computer
•If you suspect severe corruption in the presentation file, then it is better that you grab a professional PowerPoint recovery application.

Corrupt presentations can be easily repaired and recovered by employing a do-it-yourself and reliable software like Stellar Phoenix PowerPoint Recovery. This application recovers all objects of a corrupt presentation and supports MS PowerPoint 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000 versions. Moreover, being read-only, this PPT repair software never modifies the original content.

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