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Bronx Cosmetic Dentist Reviews How to Prevent and Treat Toot

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Normally the first thing people think of when considering anti-aging tactics are Botox, face-lifts and laser peels. People tend to forget that a revitalized smile can take years off your appearance, without the pain of plastic surgery alternatives. As we age, our teeth naturally begin to dull, losing shine and color. However, patients no longer have to be embarrassed of an aging smile; we are here to help!

There are more teeth whitening products and options available now than ever before. Teeth’s whitening are relatively affordable, fast, and offers impressive results. A rejuvenated smile can take years off your looks and have you smiling again. By examining the factors that contribute to tooth discoloration and what can be done to combat it, you can determine for yourself if teeth whitening will help you achieve the smile you want.


As we age, there are natural changes that occur in our dental enamel that we cannot control. Enamel surrounds the inner core of the tooth, which in darker in nature, and as time wears down the enamel, this darker tooth core (dentin) becomes increasingly visible. So, whereas the onceyounger tooth enamel was white and strong, the aged enamel wears down, resulting in teeth that appear darker, yellow, and dull.

A dental professional can offer treatment options to help restore your once bright smile. Our Bronx cosmetic dentists, for example, offer multiple in-office or at-home options for you to choose from. Professional teeth whitening procedures, bleaching treatments, Lumineers and veneers are some of the treatments available to whiten a dingy smile.

Food and Drink

Several foods and beverages are more likely to stain enamel. Coffee, tea, colas and juice are all obvious culprits of tooth discoloration; red wine, berries and sweets can also be problematic. Chewing tobacco and cigarettes/cigars can cause dark spots and dull tooth enamel.

You can reduce the effects of such staining agents by brushing your teeth immediately after using or consuming these substances. If you are not able to brush right away, drinking water and rinsing with water may also minimize the effects of discoloring agents.


Routine and diligent care can lessen the impact of discoloration and keep your smile fresh. Weknow foods, beverages, and environmental factors can accumulate over time and damage tooth color. However, by maintaining vigilant effort to remove these substances in a timely matter, we can reduce the chances of the enamel being stained.

At a minimum, brush at home at least twice a day. Ideally, brush after meals so as to quickly remove dental debris and harmful bacteria. We also recommend that patients see their dentist at least twice a year for professional cleanings. Professional cleanings are more thorough and can potentially offer dentists the opportunity to remove or whiten existing stains.

Unfortunately, dental staining is a reality related to both the aging process and environmental factors. Despite the factors that are beyond a patient’s control, routine dental maintenance can go a long way to preserve younger, more vibrant smiles. Please contact our Bronx cosmetic dentists at 718-377-6453 to learn more about teeth whitening options available to you.

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