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Various Truck Driving Classifications

by marviscarswell

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Not all trucks are developed and driven the same way. Lightweight trucks are commonly handled just like regular cars, however bigger ones require more effort to control. Subsequently, training for driving different truck classes also differs. Surrey, B.C. executes a traffic soothing program that permits autos to travel according to the speed limit of local roadways; all drivers are needed to follow these.

Automobile classification varies by province or area, so it's finest to get full details from the neighborhood authorities. In British Columbia, a motorist can take a number of car classes as long as he satisfies the demands such as substantial training. Student drivers initially settle with a Class 7L (or 8L license for motorcycles) prior to they are issued with a Class 7 (or Class 6 for motorcycles). For commercial freight that includes trucks, classes are from 1 to 4.

Class 4-- Shuttle Buses
A Class-4 driving license allows the motorist to operate unique utility autos like a limo, taxi, or ambulance. To certify, you need to have a Class 4 Leaner's License after a research of the ICBC Driving Commercial Cars book and have passed an expertise test at the regional driver services center. Getting a Class 4 enables you to qualify for greater classes.

Class 3-- Heavy trucks
A Class-3 driving license permits the motorist to operate trucks that have more than two axles like dump trucks and tow trucks. The weight of the towed autos have to not exceed 4,600 kg except if the trailer or truck does not have air brakes. Completing a Class-3 course allows you to qualify for the highest class course, the Class 1, offered by a Class 1 driving school Surrey B.C. citizens recommend for professional motorist training.

Class 1-- Semi-trailers
A Class-1 driving permit enables the motorist to operate semi-trailer trucks and all-other autos apart from motorbikes. Driving these trucks need special training because the motorist will haul a bigger lots and some trucks have more wheels. Class-1 courses delivered by a Class 1 driving school Vancouver drivers choose consists of in-town and long-haul training with varying hours for theory classes and on-road training.

If you like to know more about the different truck driving classes in British Columbia, you can visit the site at For further information on the best ways to get your truck driving certification, register at a driving school Vancouver B.C. drivers rely on for expert training.

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