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How Healthy Can Steam Showers Make You?

by AdrieneMay

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Steam showers are known to be a big help when boosting one’s health apart from one’s hygiene. Sadly, not many people are aware of its health benefits. If you are one of these people, you are in for a treat. This article has everything you need from the basics of steam showers all down to its lasting effects on the body.


What is a Steam Shower?

Several decades before, it must have popped into someone’s mind to combine a steam room and a shower because that is exactly what a steam shower is. A fixture where one can be enclosed in steam for several minutes and then later cool off with a shower before exiting.


How much does it cost?

High end showers can reach costs of up to $2000 while regular ones sell near the $1000 mark. There are also do-it-yourself showers which cost anywhere from $500 to $750.


Can I install it myself?

If you are talking about the DIY or do-it-yourself steam shower then of course. However, pre-built showers will require professional handling and care. This is because the key to making your steam shower last is installing it right. One may certainly be able to handle the installation by following the instructions but it would be a lot easier to entrust this to professionals.


What are its health benefits?

There are numerous health benefits to be had when enjoying steam sessions regularly. The first is a healthy heart. Our heart is the primary organ for pumping blood. With the aid of steam, our heart pumps more blood due to the increase in temperature. Thanks to this, blood clots are removed due to the influx of more blood.


Alongside this, the increase in amount of blood results in an increase in the lymphocytes we have. This is a key member of our immune system. With more of these in our body, we can resist infections better and become much healthier overall.


Another health benefit of using this device is the cleansing of the skin. The skin is the largest organ in the body and is the first to come in contact with the environment. Due to this, it is almost always our skin that lets foreign organisms in. In order to avoid this, our skin needs to be regularly cleansed. Bathing with soap and water on a regular basis helps but enjoying a steam session occasionally will do wonders. This is because steam can enter our epidermis and cleanse the miniscule areas of our skin as well as enter the pores. Due to this, any bacteria that may have been lurking there are instantly removed.


Steam showers are now very common in households. People used to visit spas and gyms just to enjoy this luxury. However, the price of this device has reached a point where regular people can now afford to buy one and have it installed in their homes.


Article written by Andrew Ellis from experts in home saunas, steam shower and spa technology   

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