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How to Efficiently Utilise Your Electronic Cigarette

by dnieva

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So you have bought an electronic cigarette? Then you may be one of the many smokers who are trying to quit smoking or who are switching to a better alternative than cigarette smoking. Who can resist the benefits that electronic cigarette can offer as compared to that of a regular cigarette? It is because of the different benefits like environmental benefits as well as health benefits when properly used, many smokers are switching to this product. With electronic cigarettes you are able to control the amount of nicotine that you are taking into your body, further you are assured on what chemicals that are entering your lungs unlike for cigarette smoking where the tobacco inside may not only contain high levels of nicotine but it might also contain impurities and or contaminants that were incorporated it the cigarette.


Why Know Efficient Electronic Cigarette Utilisation?


The electric cigarette is a device that is very easy to use, just insert the cartridge, and make sure your e-cigarettes are charged then you are already good to go. However, there are several best practices that you have to take into consideration if you want to extend the “life” of your electric cigarette. The electric cigarette is a reusable device however it is also disposable as soon as the device starts to malfunction or stops functioning.


Best Practices in Using Electronic Cigarettes


By default, a newly bought electric cigarette has about forty percent of power. Although this is the case it would be better if you will charge your electric cigarettes to full before you start using it right after purchase. This is because of the fact that by charging it properly you will be able to extend the battery life of your device. Another way of prolonging the life of your e-cigarette is by using compatible cartridges for your device. Specific brands have specific cartridge types and it is important that you utilise only what is required or is compatible with the device, otherwise you will be able to cause damage to your e-cigarette. In addition, do not overuse your cartridges, as a standard a normal cartridge would last for about two hundred and fifty puffs, more than that you may just be inhaling residue, although this may not directly harm your device it is still good practice to change your cartridge after 250 puffs in order to make sure that you are only receiving the optimum vapor from your e-cigarette. Taking care of your device following the best practices does not only ensure that your device will last long but it will also ensure that your device will be functioning optimally giving you the best result.


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