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Mac recovery in case of deletion, inaccessibility

by anonymous

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Macintosh systems are quite advanced in their architecture and are incorporated with various features for the safety of user's data. FileVault is such a type of application that facilitates the encryption of the data in your home directory/folder. While the FileVault protection is 'ON', the home folder/directory transforms into an encrypted disk image. Then using the 'secure erase' option, you can erase the files that has already been copied into the FileVault. However, if there happens any problem, which interrupts the process, then the data may get lost and can only be recovered back through any efficient Mac recovery utility.

A brief about FileVault:

Filevault is an innovative invention that is meant to protect files in a Macintosh computer. This utility comes included in all the Macintosh operating systems, Mac OS X 10.3.9 and later. FileVault derives a key from the user login id, password and encrypts the home directory using the AES(Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm. The encrypted file system is mounted and unmounted when the user logs into or out of the system. FileVault saves the data as a single large file, that is a Sparse Disk Image and the data can be backed up by breaking the image into individual Sparse bands. However, there is a drawback lies with  FileVault, as it doesn't make the image of the whole drive and Mac Time Machine doesn't take back up of individual data.

The real problem with FileVault arises while wiping out the data. The option, for securely erasing the data that has already been encrypted by FileVault, wipes out all the individual files that have been copied into the encrypted disk image. However, if you have chosen the option 'don't interrupt the secure erase process', and by any means the process is being halted, there happens a serious case of data loss.

There can be enormous reasons, such as power failure, application malfunction or any hardware failure that can lead to the interruption of the secure erase process. Hence, the process eventually leads to data loss or inaccessibility as follows:

•    Failed to log-in to the account, that has been secured through FileVault.

•    May be all the files in the home directory including the FileVault image are deleted or missing.

Moreover, another possible instance of data loss may arise, if a user forgets the password of the account as well as the master password that is generated by the FileVault.

In all the above situations of data loss, you can recover the data from the updated backup. However, if backup is not available the only option left is to take the help of a Mac recovery software.

Stellar Phoenix Macintosh Data Recovery software is a reliable Mac recovery utility that can safely recover your lost, missing, deleted or inaccessible Mac data irrespective of the complexity of the data loss situation. Furthermore, the application is extremely handy and don't even require any technical knowledge.

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