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Handy mop products for different cleaning purposes

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Cleaning the house is an activity which requires a lot of time and energy. Many people still use and follow traditional cleaning practices to keep their home dirt free and shining. Thanks to technology today we have numerous cleaning mop products that are cost effective as well as efficient in their job. Mopping is one of the most common and traditional way of cleaning floors. Mops are used on a variety of surfaces to remove stains and dirt. Technology has also touched the areas where there was a dearth of effective cleaning tools requiring less human effort for daily activities like dusting and moping.


As a result there are many types of mop products available in the market. They are not just cool in looking, but also smart in functionality. The list of cleaning products is long and ever increasing. There are different styles and types of mop heads for cleaning different surfaces like wet and dry mopping heads. Then, there are products made especially for bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning and dusting purposes. Out of all these floor mops and buckets are the most commonly used products and found in almost every household. Some types come with wringing attachment with the bucket, while some floor mops are advanced like steam mops which run on electricity and are used to clean wooden and laminated floor.


Different materials are used in the manufacture of different mop products. For instance, materials like cotton, rayon, synthetic, blends and micro-fiber are used for different mop heads. Two basic styles of floor mops are looped-end and cut end mops. In loop-end mops the strings are attached at the end with a tail-band. This helps in better area coverage while cleaning and avoids tangling of strings. While cut end mops have free strings, they are cheap and also less durable as compared to loop-end mops. The loose strings often fray and unravel overtime.


Other products like self wringing mops, sponge mops, sponge cloths and micro-fiber cloths are gaining popularity world wide. Sponge cloths are multipurpose cleaning tools. They are used to clean different areas of the house. Sponge cloths and micro-fiber cloths are used to clean surfaces like window panes, kitchen sinks, bathroom corners, bathroom cabinets and marble surfaces effectively. Choosing the right cleaning product can be little difficult with the number of options available. If used properly all these products can be really helpful in the daily strenuous exercise of cleaning for the users.


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