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A Pleasant and stress-free journey in Heathrow

by anonymous

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We can’t think of anything more annoying than when we’re on a tube, or a train, or trying to get through an escalator with what can only be described as a suitcase big enough to fit an entire family in. There is just no need for it! So imagine how it feels when you’re the one wheeling and dealing it. This can be embarrassing, time consuming, demoralising and just downright annoying. So why would you put yourself through it? You just wouldn’t! Instead, you would do everything you could to ensure you arrive at the airport not only in style, but also fluster-free. By this we mean not having dragged your case, or cases if you’re away for a while, through the city’s underground network, and boarded a overground train that will no doubt be delayed, or so busy you are forced to sit atop your case just so you can rest your legs. No boot space to put your luggage, no stress-free journey, no apprehension about missing your stop and no worrying about if you fall asleep. This seems so hideously luxurious, we couldn’t imagine travelling to our waiting plane in any other way aside from hailing a taxi to Heathrow.

Whilst the trains that go direct to Heathrow ensure the minimal amount of changes possible, it’s still not as glamorous as being dropped at the door. With the drivers knowing the route like the back of their hand, that mole has always been there we hear them saying, you can recline in the backseat and watch the city fall away. Or appear if you’re in a taxi from Heathrow. We hope you had a nice time, and we’re not jealous in the slightest. Please excuse us whilst we go and scream into a pillow. If you think the journey from your abode to the airport might be slightly too long, having to go right through the city of all places, a Heathrow taxi will be happily meet you at any of the tube stations on the opposite side of town. An oyster price probably beats the fare running up whilst you’re sitting in traffic.

The unnecessary but unavoidable stress that comes with when travelling to and from the airport is removed entirely by a cab journey. The local knowledge of any cab driver is outstanding, so there will be no backseat driving required on your part; we find all too often we’re even called upon to assist with directions, despite them having a sat nav on their dashboard in clear view. But should there be road closures, insane traffic jams or potential obstacles that renders the chosen route inaccessible, rest assured that the area knowledge of the taxi man will get you to your destination on time.

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Jake Harold likes to document the wonderful and the fabulous of the greatcity. With a BA in Journalism, whose articles include a variety of topics like Tick Tock Taxi from Heathrow offers the flexible way of getting into London. He is a regular contributor to social blogs Find more information.

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