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Save Money on a Caribbean Cruise by Making Last-Minute Reser

by madisonsobotka

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Last-minute cruise deals can be an exciting way to go on a vacation to the Caribbean at a bargain price. These deals are quite easy to find; however, they are not for everyone and will require some amount of flexibility on your part. Now, where is the best place to look for last-minute cruise deals? Then how do you make reservations for one?

Last-Minute Cruise Deals

Cruise liners usually package their unsold berths as last-minute cruise deals. Cruise lines, travel agents, and online travel companies can all offer last-minute packages, usually within 30 days prior to the cruise ship’s departure. Last-minute cruise deals are quite common for Caribbean cruise ships that depart from South Florida.

The Best Time to Book

Last-minute deals are a way for cruise companies to fill out their unsold cabins, so they are generally offered at rock bottom prices. That is also the reason why you can only get them within 30 days of departure. Look for these deals on off-season departures. Off-season in the Caribbean will be during the summertime.

Things to Keep in Mind

When booking last minute cruises, make sure you have a passport and a visa on hand. Because these deals are usually available at short notice, you will not have time to process the necessary documents through normal channels. Plus, these deals do not include airfare. Therefore, unless you live near the point of departure, purchasing a plane ticket quickly may negate all your cruise savings as this costs more.

Last-Minute Cruise Deals for South Florida Residents

A lot of South Florida-based cruise ship companies offer extreme discounts for their last minute cruises within 14 days of departure to Florida residents. However, you’ll need to contact these companies directly if you want to make reservations. As expected, you’ll need to provide proof of residency to qualify.

If you can travel at a moment’s notice, then can save a significant amount with last-minute cruise vacations. Keep these tips in mind so that you’ll hardly go wrong with your choices. For tips on what you can do during a Caribbean cruise, visit

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