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Safe Way to Eliminate Cockroaches at Home

by liyo89

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Cockroaches are very amazing creatures. They can survive almost anything that is why they continue to exist for billions of years. They can live in a month without food, two weeks without water and one week without their heads. But as much as biologists admire them for their contribution to the ecosystem, they are still pests at home. If you are in w9 and other neighboring areas, you can easily eliminate these pests though with the help of licensed w9 pest controlexperts.


Depending on their species, these pests prefer either dry or moist areas. They eat anything including plants and other insects but their favorite would be human food. Hence, the best measure against the invasion of cockroaches in your home would be to keep cooking, eating and food storage areas dry and clean.


The reason why you need to call a pest control w9 team when you see cockroaches inside your home is because of the possibility of contamination. Cockroaches crawl through dirty areas and then they walk around your home tracking in germs and bacteria. If they shed their skin near your food, it could get contaminated. But even if they don’t settle on food, their cast off skin and other wastes could trigger allergic reactions, asthma and a host of other illnesses too.


How to Seal Your Home against Cockroaches


  • Know how they enter your home.


Cockroaches can enter your home via cracks and crevices, sewer, vents and drain pipes. It’s best to seal all these possible entry points at once. But you also have to know that cockroaches could travel via the things that you bring home like boxes and grocery bags.


  • Make cockroaches hate your home.


Your home is the ideal place for cockroaches because of the availability of food. But if you keep your home clean and your food locked up, cockroaches will have nothing to eat and will eventually move to another home. Also, do not let dirty dishes and garbage accumulate overnight.


  • Use cockroach traps.


Cockroach traps are open containers that have adhesives inside. These may or may not include food to attract the cockroaches. As the cockroach approaches the trap, it would become trap inside.


The problem with cockroach traps is that they are not very effective. There are several factors that you would need to consider including placement and the number of cockroaches in your home. Also, traps are quite messy since you would have to dispose of the dead or half-dead roaches.


  • Spray insecticides.


Insecticides are more efficient than traps in terms of the number of cockroaches killed per spray. However, cockroach-killing insecticides contain chemicals that can harm you and your family’s health. Make sure to remove all cookware, foods and dishes from cabinets and cupboards prior to the use of insecticides. Just return them after the treatment has dried.


In single-family homes in Westminster, sanitation should be enough to prevent and even eliminate roach infestations. For bigger homes, you would need to call a company specializing in w9 pest control.


Cockroaches can be a menace if you do not know how to handle them. Trust the professionals, like w9 pest control, to take care of them for you.


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