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Take Advantage of the Numerous Cinnamon and Honey Benefits t

by Jesussigler

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Cinnamon and honey benefits are many when you use it to alkalize your body and raise your pH to above 7.0. Using these two substances is the simplest and most natural way to rid your body of excess acid as opposed to using alkalis like sodium bicarbonate, which could bring you seizures, hallucinations, headache, constipation, blackout and even premature death when you use it for a long period or you overdose.

In many parts of the world, people often try to cleanse their bodies of toxics and raise their pH to above 7.0. This is because when your pH is below 7.0, it means you are acidic, and when it is above 7.0, your pH is alkaline. Alkalinity makes viruses and bacteria that bring you diseases such as diabetes, cancer, arthritis, cold, fatigue and many more not to survive. Therefore, when your blood is not acidic, you become healthy.


While honey comes from bees, cinnamon is from the bark of a tree bearing the same name. When you combine the two, you have a very healthy concoction. This is because both are effective medicines. Generations throughout history have known cinnamon & honey benefits and their medicinal value. However, although honey comes from bees, the insects get the ingredients to make it from choice plants.

Moreover, incorporating the two substances in your Weight loss program is commendable because they will cleanse and rid your body of excess acidity and toxins caused by poor eating habits. When this happens, your body will no longer need to store fat to neutralize acidity. Therefore, you will naturally shed excess fat and would no longer need to worry about becoming obese.

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