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Know How to Identify a Real CE Marking on Certified Products

by markbrown

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The European Union (EU) directive on CE marking lists down at least 22 groups of products that require the CE logo; one of them being marine equipment. This includes recreational craft such as boats that are between 2.5 meters and 24 meters in length. Yet, it’s important to know what you’re dealing with in getting a CE marking: the CE logo.

The letters C and E in the logo stand for Conformite Europeene, the French term for the phrase “European Conformity.” It’s hard to miss this logo especially in the products many people take for granted like electronics, machines, and toys. If you want to use your boat or yacht in the 27 nations that make up the EU and the three that make up the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), you need the CE marking. Here’s a rundown on what an authentic CE logo should look like.

Letters in semicircular shape

The letters C and E are shaped like a near-perfect semicircle, with the other semicircle as spacing between the letters. Imagine two doughnuts with a part of each doughnut overlapping at one point; that’s the rough guide for the lettering. The letter C is drawn on one doughnut and the letter E is drawn on the other doughnut.

A word of caution: the letters should not be close to each other, as this isn’t according to EU directive. Some CE logos have appeared with the letters close to each other, which authorities consider fake. Make sure that the boat CE marking is designed in accordance with the EU directive concerning CE marking.

The short arm of the letter E

The short arm in the middle of the letter E isn’t designed to be at the same level with the longer arms in the letter. The short arm is at least a square shorter than the longer pair of arms for the letter E to be in accordance with EU guidelines. A boat CE marking has to follow these guidelines for the craft to be eligible for use within the EU and EFTA territories. This will ensure that the craft meets EU standards and is distinguished from the fraudulent ones.

For more information about boat CE marking, you can visit the website at for a comprehensive guide. You can also visit the European Commission website at for further details.

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