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The Major Causes of Upper Back Pain Pregnancy

by JeffreyMcCasland

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Generally, pregnancy makes every woman proud. This is because, a women feels that she supports another life inside of her. However, there are some discomforts experienced during this period. They include Upper Back Pain Pregnancy ,vomiting, nausea and many other bothersome symptoms. The upper back pain is mostly experienced as the woman gains more weight as days go by. However, the increase of the uterus pushes the body gravity forward causing stress on the back muscles. This is said to be the major cause of the pain.

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The other cause of the upper back pain during pregnancy is poor posture. Because there is more pressure on the front, the woman tends to lean forward whether standing or sitting. This always makes the back muscles to strain, as they cannot withstand some pressure. Moreover, poor sleeping posture is another cause of the early pregnancy back pain. This happens when the woman sleeps on her back rather than side. Also, if she does not use the pregnancy pillow, she is at a risk of experience back pains more often.

On the other hand, the woman can suffer from the pain because of enlarged breast, which strains the neck, back shoulders and ribs. Apart from the upper back pain, she can also experience Lower Back Pain in Early Pregnancy.This is always normal, as the body has not adopted to the pressure. However, good posture, pregnancy pillow and exercises can help reduce the pain.


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