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Questions You Need to Ask your Used Car Dealership

by delsiemaidens

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The most important thing to remember when you’re buying a used car in Burlington is that you are the customer. The used car dealer should be the one catering to your needs and not the other way around. When you visit a Burlington used car dealer, have him answer these questions satisfactorily.

If the car is certified pre-owned, can I have a copy of the pre-certification inspection?

A certified pre-owned car needs to go through a rigid inspection process before it can be certified. Ask for a copy of the paperwork so that you can learn what repairs the vehicle went through. This will be a good piece of evidence to hold on to in the event of problems in the future.

Will you provide me with a Carfax report on the vehicle?

A reliable dealership won’t fuss about giving you a copy of this. A disreputable one might, or worse, present you with a falsified report. Make sure there aren’t any traces of tampering with the report. Better yet, get a Carfax report directly from the source. You may have to shell out $39.99 for it, but it will save you the wait.

Do you accept trade-ins?

Being located in the Greater Toronto Area, Burlington is close to several cities like Hamilton and Toronto, so you will have a lot of dealers of used cars in Burlington Ontario to choose from. Some of them will accept trade-ins, and this can make your life a lot easier if the dealer is willing to handle this for you. This can be very advantageous to you, especially if you hate selling.

What’s the cash price for the used car?

In any business, cash is king. Paying cash for used cars in Burlington Ontario should fetch you a lower price. Usually, a 5% discount will be acceptable, but there’s no harm in trying to get the biggest discount you possibly can.

What freebies do I get for the purchase?

Who doesn’t like freebies? See if you can get the dealer of used cars Mississauga residents go to throw in a set of accessories or new tires with the purchase. If you want to read more articles on used car purchase, visit

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