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Learning the Procedure: Annihilating Termites in Your House

by lucilelynch

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Termite infestation is a remarkable sign of exactly how nature dominates over manmade infrastructures. It could be hard to imagine that those small insects can create significant damages to an entire building by simply making some of its parts fragile and hollow. Termite colonies are developed like ant colonies and are populated by a wide range of laborers, an army of hefty soldiers, and a pair of king and queen termites.

The majority of termites are captivated to wooden items since in the wild, wood represents their food and shelter. Hence, homes built with wooden products are extremely vulnerable to termite problems. Though certain wood types like redwood, cypress and oak are inherently termite-resistant, some of the finest woods can also fall prey to termites. Wood floors, home sidings, coverings, and furnishings are all vulnerable and need treatment to prevent termites from attacking and damaging them entirely.

To ruin structural parts, termites only have to find a way in using cracks or fissures and devour as much wood as they could. Residents usually do not spot the first indications, till they begin noticing mysterious fallen splinters behind wooden furniture. These splinters are sometimes accompanied with bits that look like sand-like wooden grains, which are actually termite droppings.

Homeowners can then call for pest control specialists, who first conduct a complete inspection of the entire home. They examine for indications of hollowness in walls, floorings, furnishings then inspect the attic, the basement, and the crawl space, locations where termites are most likely to thrive. When termites are found, it would be best to undertake tent fumigation or tenting, a process which annihilates termites via exposure to poisonous gases.

There are 3 additional methods on how pest control Orange County professionals expel termites-- orange oil, polyethylene foam underlayment, and heating. Orange oil derived from orange peel is a solution consisting of 90 % d-limonene. D-limonene is mainly utilized in cleansing products and has hazardous effects on termites but is harmless for people and other animals.

Polyethylene foam underlayment is laid under wooden construction products and hinders termites from burrowing into the wood. This is the type of efficient termite control Irvine residences need if the center of the termite colony is primarily found outside, with just a small portion extending into the home. Foam protects the construction, while orange oil can also be applied to present more protection for furnishings.

The kind of pest control Orange County specialists perform can likewise include heat treatment in damaged areas. Directing temperatures as high as 130° F to influenced spots can exterminate termites and send the stubborn ones running for their lives. For more relevant information, read through

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