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Ways to Enhance Call-Handling Performance

by soniaroody

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The role of call center agents in the field of telemarketing isn’t limited to answering calls. They are said to be the bridge between the top-level management of the organization they represent and its customers. For years, call centers have been perfecting the craft of handling calls and providing excellent service to clients. If you want your call center to really fulfill the company’s objective, do your part in improving the performance of your agents.

Relay Among Agents the Ultimate Goal

In achieving excellent customer service while improving the organization, you must be able to communicate to agents the ultimate goal your company likes to achieve in a day. An example would be for them to answer at least 90% of incoming calls in a short amount of time. Make sure that all agents know how to attain it and never forget to reward them for a job well done.

Train Agents to Give Accurate Messages

When answering customer queries, agents should provide a concise message so customers can fully understand the gist of what the agents are trying to say. A long and vague message might cause confusion on the client’s part which can lead to customer dissatisfaction in the end. Make sure that agents follow this rule to achieve premium customer service.

Monitor Staff Performance

Most call centers observe documentation of every agent’s performance. Team leaders would usually log this down with a specific Key Performance Indicator – often including the number of calls the agent answered and call duration. This is vital so that team leaders can closely monitor those agents who need improvement; also for reference purposes by top-level management.

Monitor Volume of Unique Callers

From time to time, call centers receive dozens of repeat callers who don’t do much but annoy agents with their irrelevant complaints. To get rid of them, you must address only the unique callers, the ones who contact you because they have something important to ask regarding the product or service offered. Train your agents to eliminate repeat callers and make sure you have many agents who are going to answer unique callers.

Effectively Manage Peak Hours

Peak hours are normal phenomena in most call centers. However, if they’re not managed, they can cause quite a stir to the workplace and agents due to call flooding. An effective call-handling strategy for everyone in the group to observe during peak hours should be implemented. Visit for more information.

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