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Call Centers: The Solution to Unemployment

by soniaroody

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Many businesses in the US were hard-hit by the spate of recessions which sent many companies, including small entrepreneurs into the doldrums. Business owners were scrambling to pay their bills and writing paychecks for their workers. On the other side of the globe, wage earners do not fare any better. Unemployment continues on the rise, and many new graduates and professionals alike were put out of jobs.

But in a sort of market twist, a phenomenon has emerged seemingly to resolve the bind in which both American businesses (as well from other countries) and out-of-work graduates, particularly from developing nations, have found themselves. Call centers with their outsourced customer interaction services have provided jobs to displaced graduates and professionals from another country, while saving companies a substantial amount of their capital and operating costs.

Contact centers, or call centers, are offices where calls are somewhat managed by automated computer systems, screened before being passed down to qualified employees who can handle them. Other services also include outgoing calls for telemarketing, product promotion services, and debt collection. Other contact centers also offer handling of letters, faxes, live chat, and e-mails, all in one location.

Many US companies such as HP, Dell, J.P Morgan & Chase, and many others have outsourced their customer relations and telemarketing services abroad. These companies have found that the value of labor and wage combined of outsourcing some jobs to other countries prove more cost-effective than retaining their in-house service centers.

The call center industry is a fast rising industry in places like India and the Philippines. The umbrella business term, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is one of the largest growing industries in the world. From a historical standpoint, India once stood out as the main outsourcing hub. At the turn of the decade, the Philippines emerged as a top destination for call center outsourcing.

There are many areas of expertise that a call center requires to run its business. Technical support and customer relations are priorities in these centers increasingly used by companies from the telemarketing field, as well as from mail-order catalogs, data entry, financial services, and computer product help.

There’s a silver lining, after all, in this economic crisis, and East meets West, as far as responding to the other’s business needs. The call center is an apt solution to cost-cutting corporations on one end, and laid-off and unemployed workers, on another. For more information please visit or

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