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Want to know different Autism Therapies used in the treatmen

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There is a sudden rise in neurological disorders which has increased focus on finding its cause as well as treatment. One of such disorder is Autism. Several Autism Therapies are being developed and modified according to signs and symptoms of the autistic child. Autism is defined as a neurological complex disorder which affects the normal growth of the child. It primarily affects the communication areas of the brain, resulting into poor communicative and interactive skills in the child. Although, cause of autism is still a challenge for medical professionals to unveil and complex enough that it has already taken many years for doctors to understand its symptoms and come up with relative therapies. There is no known cure for autism, but a group of relative therapies are used to develop interactive potential of an autistic child.

Autism Therapies are mainly divided into following three categories-

  • Medical Management-This therapy is a combination of different medical options subjected to treat the symptoms of an autistic child. Autism symptoms can vary from child to child, as some children exhibit mild symptoms while some can show hyper symptoms. Medicines are most commonly used to treat related conditions like depression, anxiety, hyperactivity and obsessive compulsive behavior. This is entirely case specific approach.


  •  Educational Interventions-This kind of autism therapy is commonly being used and many autistic children are being benefited from the entire approach. Many teaching techniques are being used to make autistic child understand words and communicate his needs. This includes sign language techniques, using picture or visual aids for communication, use of computer software to understand basic body functions and many more. Also, emotional engagement interventions are used to develop focus attention skills, problem solving, self-expression and social interactive skills.


  • Behavioral training and management-Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are given combination of many developmental therapies. This includes behavioral therapy, which is often based on Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), Speech Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy. Speech therapy helps autistic children to develop and improve their general communicative and interactive skills. Occupational therapy helps an autistic child to learn to process information from the senses (sight, sound, hearing, touch and smell) in more manageable ways. Physical Therapy uses mild forms of physical exercises to understand and set routine life of such children.


Doctors recommend a bunch of Autism Therapies to improve language and social skills of the child. These therapies are doing wonders in treating an autistic child. Helping a child to communicate verbally or non-verbally and express their needs is the main objective behind all these therapies.

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