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What are torque reels?

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Torque reels are described as reeling devices. These devices are
widely used in different industrial sectors. The torque reels are especially
designed for the suspending push button pendants stations which can weigh up to
6.8 kgs.

The presence of the lock
mechanism in the torque reels allows the operator to stop a
load at the desired height while the slight pull on the cable even releases the
lock. Some of the features of torque reels or torque grounding reels are as


  1. Simple
    load height adjustment.
  2. A
    slight pull on the cable even releases the lock.
  3. Features
    off switch which help undo the locking mechanism when constant tension is
  4. Trouble
    free external tension adjustment.
  5. Torque
    reels comes with adjustable snap hook, cable stop, 5m cable, forged clevis top,
    and multi directional guide.
  6. 6.      
    Two to five mm dia. Stranded and galvanized
    steel cable.
  7. 7.      
    Right mount.

The market today offers different
models of torque reels. Therefore, you can easily make your choice from the
available models. For instance, you can find automatic retrieve, spring
operated reel which offers constant, light and spring pressure on the cable.
With hundred camp ground clamp, some reels allow 2 ground connections at the
same time, offering maximum efficiency. 

The torque reels are quite
similar to the spring balancers however with the difference of additional long
cable length and ratchet cable return. This even enables the cable to be
stopped at any stage during the travel via ratchet system.

The torque reels are effective machines can help the operator to carry
out its task without sacrificing physical strength. With or without ratchet
system the use of torque reels enable the cable to be stopped at any stage.
When you consider purchasing torque reels make sure you research about the
different models, cable length, resistance power and net weight.

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