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A Romanian escort is much like Romania - a rare gem

by glenbrado

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Romania is one of the poorest countries in Europe. It is a product of megalomaniacal dictators who destroyed the economy, spirit of the country and seriously damaged the nations future. Nearly half of Romania’s population live under the poverty line, the majority of people are not well-educated and the health-care system is abysmal despite of efforts to improve it. Regardless of this, Romania remains a beautiful country with vast areas of greenery and open spaces. Forests in the mountains are some of the least disturbed in Europe and are home to a variety of trees, wild animals and nature in it’s purest form. There is an assumption that most Romanian people are gypsies but this is far from the case; less than 5% of Romanians are actually gypsies. Due to the incredibly high crime rates in Romania and the extreme poverty, it can be difficult to find beauty in the urban areas. However, if you look closely you will see astounding beauty in Romanian escorts. These girls are the epitome of natural beauty in mankind. With slender bodies, sun-kissed skin, alluring eyes and tempting lips, they are irresistible. For those people who think Romanian women all have dark hair, dark skin and dark eyes; think again. Romanian women differ greatly in their appearances. You are just as likely to see a blonde-haired and blue-eyed siren as you are a black-haired, brown-eyed temptress. Many men from the United States and the United Kingdom comment after visiting Romania that the women are incomparable to any other country’s women with their looks, sexiness and seductiveness and that the company of a Romanian escort is the finest you can encounter. There are several protected areas of Romania and if you could see them you would understand why. No painting in the world can compare to Romania’s landscapes. The Piatra Craiulu National Park is home to majestic mountains, 270 species of butterflies, 110 bird species, wolves, brown bears and much more. As you can imagine, this makes the Piatra Craiulu National Park a breath-taking part of the world, a place of calm, untouched by the modern world. Escorts from Romania are very much in demand across the globe as they charming and know exactly how to please a person. Gifted in the art of pleasure-giving and highly attentive, they are the perfect gift to give yourself! Romania’s rural areas are like a hidden gem when it comes to holiday destinations. Rather than paying an obscene amount of money to rent a chalet in France, you can pay far less to stay in one in Romania and chances are, the views around you will be much more magnificent than they would be anywhere else!


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