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The UK conveyancing system is a proven boon to property buye

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Every property buyer or seller will agree with the conveyancing system being a boon for handling property legalities in this age. It’s nothing but transfer of legal title of property from one person to another. This system is very much prevalent in the UK, no matter you are planning to buy your dream house or sell your property for market gains, you would definitely need these services for a smooth legal transaction. You have money and wish to buy some property for investment, but don’t have ample time for its long and complex paper work involved; this system is at your service to ease out all your worries. So sit back and relax, all you need to do is to hire a licensed conveyancer who will take care of the entire legal proceedings right from drafting the contract to taking care of tiring paper work.

In the United Kingdom, this system is widely used and appreciated for a quick and hassle free completion of legal formalities. Generally, any organization providing these services has a team of well experienced licensed solicitors to handle the entire transaction legally. These solicitors are a team of lawyers with experience in property law and know in and out of the entire paper work to be carried out during the deal. Their primary goal is to work in their client’s interest and take care of all legal proceedings related to buying the desired property.

Although this system works great for all classes, one should be aware of the process in which the deal progresses. A typical conveyancing process contains two major landmarks: exchange of contract and completion. It usually occurs in three stages: before contract, before completion and after completion.

Before completion is the stage, where the buyer will communicate his settled cost for the seller and the conveyancer will make a draft agreement for negotiation, which is sent to seller’s solicitor. Next in the before completion stage, both parties reach a point where they have settled for a given price and are ready to exchange contracts. This is the most crucial stage of the process where the solicitor will do all the research and verify the legal ownership of the seller; final step is completion where solicitor has done the research and approved all the legal documents of seller and now both the parties are ready to exchange the contracts. Finally, the contracts are exchanged in other words the property ownership is legally transferred from seller to buyer successfully.

Job of the solicitor does not end here. He is also responsible for all the after completion documentation .This primarily includes: registering the change of ownership with land registry and handling stamp duty land tax formalities. In all conveyancing process is effective and time saving; it not just helps you relax during the legal proceedings, but also gives you time to plan things with your family while moving in your new home.

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