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Four Types of Cars to Check Out in Barrie Dealerships

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Inside your auto engine, the amazing power of combustion is what turns fuel into raw power. But do you know how much oomph the engine has to make the fuel go boom? There is no fixed value for this because various kinds of fuel such as gas and diesel have different rankings.

These are called octane ratings, which is something you regularly see in a lot of gasoline stations. The octane rating specifies exactly how much the fuel ought to be compressed before the spark plug ignites to turn it into power. This is important to remember, as an engine loaded with fuel of the incorrect octane rating may cause serious damage.

To determine the fuel with the best octane number for your engine, you have to pay attention to the compression ratio. This is the price that determines how much fuel and air a cylinder normally takes when the piston is down and the amount of fuel and air a chamber can take when the piston is going to compress the combination together. Regular engines have compression ratio of 8:1.

A lot of automobile experts say that the correct octane number for a regular engine with an 8:1 ration is 92. Moreover, to burn the fuel, this type of engine requires applying at least 103 pounds per square inch of force from the piston. You may acquire the compression ratio with the aid of Internet calculators, as long as you have the important values like bore dimension and piston stroke length.

In this situation, high performance autos such as convertibles and sports cars require a higher octane rating in fuel, particularly those that are powered by gas. In comparison to diesel, which is denser, gasoline can be compressed in the engine at a greater level, creating even more power. Barrie cars that operate on gasoline have octane numbers that normally don't go lower than 87.

Knowing the right fuel an automobile needs is a vital factor when looking for used trucks Barrie dealers offer. Engine damage can be expensive to fix--something that can be eliminated by tanking up with the ideal type of fuel. It does not matter whether you utilize gas or diesel, so long as the engine is especially made to operate on either of them.

For additional information relating to octane ratings, head to and click on the Auto tab. You can also check out to check into just what car aficionados say relating to engines and compression ratios. If you like, you can ask Autopark Barrie and other sellers for more details.

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