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Reality of Searching for Jobs in Today's Market

by dreamjobguru

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Interviewing in today’s job market isn’t easy.  Recruiters and Human Resource Managers are more selective than ever because the marketplace is over-saturated with candidates.  So being on top of your game is absolutely critical to success in landing the best jobs.  The first line of defense is having a great resume.  However, just using a generic resume template is not at all adequate for getting an interview because 95% of candidates use outdated resumes when applying for high paying jobs.

The resume has dramatically changed over the past 10 years.  Having a career coach look over your resume just may be the solution to your problems.  Not only do career consultants know how to find the best jobs, they can save you time and money in the long run.  Going to job fair isn’t the solution because you are still competing against hundreds or even thousands of other job seekers.  In short, headhunters have the inside track to landing a dream job, or even personal assistant jobs to celebrities.   Of course you could always contact a celebrity on your own, but you’re not likely to have as much luck doing that.

“Headhunter to the Stars,” Brian Daniel is the founder of The Celebrity Personal Assistant Network – which is one of the world’s top employment agencies that caters to celebrities, business leaders and high net worth families. As a career coach, Brian Daniel doesn’t sugarcoat his critique.  He gets right to the heart of the matter and directly tells candidates what they are doing wrong with their resume and overall presentation to employers.  Just submitting your resume and hoping for the best is hardly the way to go in this day and age.  When jobs are posted online, it’s not uncommon for 1000 or more applicants to apply, so standing out is not at all easy.

To look at a sample resume online is almost certain death for a candidate.  Resume examples that are posted on the web lack both character and appeal.  In order to stand out from the crowd, applicants are advised to work with a recruiter because consulting makes candidates more informed.  Because the best jobs are going to have the best applicants, usually better qualified and more educated than the average job seeker, then every single advantage matters.  So whether you just need job advice or you are changing careers, consulting with an experienced career advice coach will help.  It’s like search engine optimization tips for small business, but for people.

This overly-competitive marketplace with about 10% unemployment is the “new normal” according to experts.  One thing to keep in mind: there is always someone that has more experience that will work longer hours for less pay than yourself; so get ready to be disappointed when searching for a job.  In short, resumes have to be perfect and your interviewing skills must be top-of-the-line if you hope to score one of the best jobs out there.  A resume doctor and career coach is certainly a must when considering jumping into the candidate pool today because they can double-check the English grammar on your resume as well as the overall resume layout.  In short, landing great personal assistant jobs takes tact.