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Traverse Curtain Rods for Beautiful Interiors

by JeremyHunt

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Traverse curtains rods can really complement how curtains and draperies look and their effect on the interior appeal of any home, office or even a hallway. It is true that we need to get the right fabrics, patterns and colors of curtains. However, we also need to find the right curtain rods that will embellish the outlook of the curtains. In addition to the appearance, traverse curtain and drapery rods are very practical. The traverse curtain rod has a cord at one end which is used to draw the draperies instead of actually pulling the curtains. This keeps the drapes cleaner and wrinkle-free.



Many homes still use valances for their curtains but there is vast change towards the use of traverse rods especially in modern homes. People in older houses are also getting rid of the cornices for the better functionality and appeal brought about by these rods. As we can all imagine, there are all sorts of traverse curtain rods in the market ranging from the single to the triple rods, decorative and non decorative, wood, metal and even plastic rods. We therefore need to find out exactly what is best for our homes and also appropriate for our budgets before heading out to the shopping mall or hardware store.



The weight of draperies can determine the type of traverse rod needed. Light weight draperies have their rods supported from both ends while heavier draperies require several supports along the length of the rod. The drapery weight can also be used to determine the type of rod used. Very heavy drapes often call for steel rods. Since these are not drapery hardware that we buy at our local hardware store, it is importance to purchase the best quality and most durable rods available. Most traverse curtain rods operate on the pulley system and so it is wise to purchase the rods from a reputable manufacturer to ensure that you have a quality rod that will operate smoothly and efficiently for many years.



The double or triple curtain traverse rods are used where we have multiple layers of window treatments such as, the drapery panels, valance and sheer curtains. People in cold or drafty climates normally have more than one layer of window treatments. Curtains serve as insulators to keep out the cold frigid air. Decorative curtain rods normally have beautiful finials at both ends of the rod. With beautiful decorative curtain rods, valances are really not necessary. We can use the internet to find a reliable curtain rod specialty shop that will offer an excellent selection of beautiful and quality window hardware. What’s more, these curtain rods and hardware are not just for the conventional straight windows but there are bendable traverse rods available for curved and odd shaped windows that are often found in many homes.

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