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Apple in the United States for the lock-up Samsung's new mac

by Jenniferknox

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Apple on Tuesday evening to submit their applications to the U.S. District Court of California, requested the court to release initial ban on the sale of Samsung's latest flagship phone Galaxy S III.

Apple submission allegations Samsung Galaxy S III violated two of its patents involving software, namely computer system information stored in the common interface and operation of computer-generated data structure of a system and method ". It is understood that the former Siri voice recognition capabilities iPhone4S in the latter device to automatically detect and identify the phone number, email address, and ultra-links, and data.

Samsung Electronics yesterday responded that While Apple to the United States Court lock-up requirements, but the sale of the company the Galaxy S-III of smart phones will continue as planned in the U.S. market. "We think Apple's request unjustified. We are firmly opposed to this request." Samsung said in a statement.

Apple in time for the new models of Samsung Galaxy S III before landing in the United States, sued infringement and requirements of the ban. Analysis, this is the obvious intent of Samsung flagship machine check.

The original plan, the phone sales will be held on the 21st of this month in the United States. Its obviously constitute a considerable threat for Apple, as compared iPhone4S, it provides faster processing and larger screen.

In addition, the market is expected later this summer, Apple will introduce a brand new iPhone. Once the patent infringement allegations by the California District Court, will be detrimental to the Samsung grab market share quickly before the new iPhone.

The face of the Apple brandishing patent "stick", Samsung's very hard to detect. In April 2011, Apple sued Samsung's Galaxy family of products from head to toe "to emulate the Apple iPad and iPhone design. In February of this year, Apple further proposes that the Galaxy the Nexus infringement of four patents.

Not only against Samsung, Apple also by the patent "stick" to prevent the development of HTC in the U.S. market. HTC previously been Apple sued for invasion of its 10 patents. In May this year, the HTC two new mobile phones in the United States meet resistance. Apple yesterday HTC sanctions prohibit sales of new handsets in the United States.

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