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Sexy Swedes

by Jackdavis

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When it comes to Swedish music, the United Kingdom doesn’t really hear much of it. Of course, ABBA were, and still are, massive but what about current music? As many young adults across Europe will agree, Basshunter is the best musical talent Sweden has produced in recent years. He is absolutely adored by both male and female fans across the world and has become a massive European sex symbol. For someone who, were they not famous, would not be so hot, he has done incredibly well for himself. Yes, he is attractive regardless, but his music and his acting in his music videos just heightens his sexiness to the point of making him irresistible. Like a Swedish escort, he is a rare gem. When these rare gems are found, you feel like the luckiest person alive! However, men, do not fear! Basshunter is a man’s man who would probably be the greatest best friend you could have! His most successful records have a girl acting in their music videos who is sexy beyond belief. She has beautifully brown skin, incredible curves, glossy black hair and the most seductive face you will ever see. Many of us saw her in these videos and rushed to the internet to find out exactly who she was. A model? An actress? A singer? Well, she is far much more than that! Aylar Lie is a Norwegian girl who used to be a very famous porn star. There was nothing particularly special about the storylines of the x-rated movies she starred in but she made them immensely spectacular. Aylar Lie is just one of those women in the world who could be wearing a potato sack and have no make-up on and still have hundreds of thousands of people wanting to be in bed with her. Swedish escorts like to model themselves on Ayla Lie and see her as an inspiration. They admire her and aspire to her sexual confidence and the fact that she can tempt any man. Also starring in Basshunter’s music videos are his home girls - beautiful Swedish ladies. You can spot them straight away as they have the famous Swedish blonde hair, sun-kissed skin and long and toned legs. He gets paid to have these girls prancing around in next-to-nothing and touching him! If you have ever wondered what escorts from Sweden look like, you need not look any further than the fair-haired stunners in his music videos. Many people consider Swedish girls some of the most beautiful in the world. As with other Nordic women, the majority of Swedish ladies have long legs, long blonde hair and deliciously pink and soft lips.


Author information: Jack Davis is a writer with experience in magazine columns, short articles and editing. He is the author of this article on Swedish Escorts in London. Find more information on Amersham Escorts here.


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