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Caring for your Lawn this Spring and Summer

by justine

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<h1>Take care of lawn tools when out in the yard this spring and summer!<h1>

You must take care of your tools or they will not last as long as they should and you will end up spending money every year just to fix what could have been prevented the year before! It seems self explanatory, but different conditions affect different tools along with other factors to consider as well. If you toss your leaf blowers and your hedge trimmers in a corner of your dirty garage, they are sure to show signs of wear and tear much quicker than if kept up with and put away properly.

1. Get all that clutter out of your garage! Have a garage sale. Anything you can say no, do you absolutely need this, should be put up for sale. If you’re having a hard time letting go of a few items mark them up higher than you think they would sell (a few dollars, nothing major!) and don’t do this to every item... you actually should price most items below what they are worth (simple set that sets you up for success).

2. You had your sale and you made a few extra bucks. GO SPEND IT ON ORGANIZATIONAL ITEMS. Even buying a few 2 by 4s and nailing them to the wall to keep your most expensive equipment out of harm’s way is better than letting it rust in a corner. Take a picture of each area as you finish and post somewhere you will see everyday to remind you what your garage is supposed to look like.

3. After using your tools and prior to putting them away, clean them. This goes for electric tools and trimmers as well as hand tools and clippers. Work off stubborn grease with a kitchen scrubbing pad and then use a damp cloth to wipe grass, grease, and dirt from your equipement after every use.

4. Also make sure you inspect and clean all tools prior to use, mainly if it’s been a few months since you last used that tool. A thorough cleaning will prevent clogs and mishaps. An inspection will reveal frayed cords or faulty parts.

5. When cleaning tools, dry your tools completely with an absorbent towel before you hang them after each use. Allowing them to air-dry could cause them to rust.

6. Choose a spot to store your tools that won’t get wet -- store them away from spigots, any doors, or leaks. As an extra precaution, throw a plastic tarp over them to prevent moisture from finding them between uses. Leaving them outside will cause excess wear and you will end up replacing your tool more often. Take the extra few minutes to take care of your tools and you will end up saving a lot of money.

7. For extra motivation try rewarding yourself when you properly clean and put away tools. Have a spouse observe your behavior or have a checklist you record on. Everytime you complete the required task, you get a reward of your choosing. This is a good tool to use not only for maintaining your tools but also for avoiding arguments with the wife!  

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