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Shopping Cart Advertising – What is it all about?

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With businesses seeking an increasing exposure to the masses, seeking more innovative yet affordable means of advertising is the challenge that must be surmounted. A company cannot peg all its exposure requirements on a single means of advertising; what is needed is a synergy of channels. In addition to radio, TV and print, many companies are now taking to shopping cart advertising. In doing so they are banking on the masses that visit supermarkets on every given day, the time these people spend there, and the large number of these establishments available countrywide. What companies therefore need is a shopping cart ad agency that can help them to develop the right marketing messages so as to catch the attention of shoppers.

It is estimated that 98% of the people who visit supermarkets each week use grocery carts. Each of these customers also spends an average of 50+ minutes during a normal shopping experience. The numbers of supermarket visits are now increasing due to the economic crunch effects that have seen people avoid eating out and instead opt to visit supermarkets to buy food to prepare at home. Further, there are thousands of supermarkets around the country meaning that millions of customers will be exposed to your advert in just a single week. Combining all these factors justifies why shopping cart advertising can really work for different types of businesses.

The good thing about grocery cart ads is that they can be targeted to particular areas thus enabling you to put the cost in check. If your business is targeting a particular demographic then your ads can be placed in the supermarkets located in that area only. A business with a national outlook can take advantage of the many supermarkets available countrywide.

These supermarket ads need to be short and precise, and easy to remember, the kind that will not distract the shopping process e.g. resulting in collisions as customers read the adverts while pushing their carts. In this regard these supermarket ads usually feature a company logo, brand and/or an easy to recall website address. Businesses see shopping cart advertising as an affordable non-intrusive means of conveying call-to-action messages. It is also a fine way to raise awareness, attract new customers while retaining the present ones, and to ultimately build brand equity.

Different types of businesses including but not limited to insurance, mortgage, medical, banking, health centers, real estate, utilities, auto dealerships and even government agencies can enroll for grocery cart ads campaigns. The right shopping cart ad agency will analyze the unique marketing needs your organization presents while examining the current approach you are using. This research will help to develop appropriate shopping cart advertising solutions which will guarantee that the target audience can and will easily absorb all the marketing info you want to put across.

It is possible for an organization to have more than one advert in a single supermarket. Businesses can thus avoiding squeezing all the different products they may have on a single cart advert. There is need to work with a shoppingcart advertising agency that has established affiliations to many different supermarket chains to guarantee smooth market penetration.

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