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Canary Diamond – A Miracle of Nature to Evoke Fascination

by anonymous

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Talking of diamonds is building a world of dreams. Diamonds have been the fantasy of almost everyone. There would be seldom a person who hates diamonds. But what can be something just more than diamonds, it is canary diamond. These diamonds are yellowish in appearance and are hardly found anywhere which makes it costlier and even more than just a diamond.

Argyle diamonds which is world’s largest diamond producing mine located in Australia. The volume of diamonds produced here is quite large but it mostly produces colored diamonds which are known to be impure diamonds. So, it is not the best producer quality wise. However due to the popularity of colored diamonds the mine has become one of the best nowadays. The yellow colored diamonds known as canary is concatenated with this mine as it produces this rare kind of diamonds all through. Colored diamonds are famous due to its growing popularity among the celebrities who have idealized colored diamonds to be very classy and unique. These diamonds are also used in making colored jewelries specially engagement rings. Color in diamond is known to be its impurity but with the changes in the fashion today this impurity has become an asset for these diamonds. Excess of nitrogen and other elements instead carbon supports the appearance of colors. Colorless diamonds are hence called as the purest form of diamonds.

Canary diamond is rarely found and therefore is very costly. But even then one can find this diamond loose or studded at valued shops. The diamonds from argyle is shaped down properly to form worth jewelries. The mine produces 35 million carats of diamonds every year out of which most of the diamonds are colored into pink, yellow, orange and hardly found blue diamonds. The worth of these diamonds is even crossing the purest form. The mine even produces several colors which are not up to the mark of industrial quality but these diamonds are shaped up and used for certain work of jewelries and imitations.

There has been an expansion of argyle diamonds, in which it has been claimed as making it even wider geographically. Producing only a net worth of 5% pure diamonds this mine is charting at the top for the impure diamonds. These impure diamonds may be not very pure chemically but are in great demand these days. When it comes to yellow diamonds which are known as canary are the most sought after diamonds these days. The ecstasy of these diamonds is not at par with any other. Not all diamonds are this much praised but few colors at the argyle is at top charts all around due to its quality and color which attracts the clients. Diamonds are always worth getting and preserving as it is always the best.

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