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The astonishing Pearls Used in Pearl Earrings

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Pearls are the most versatile and miraculous gemstone in the world. Pearls are the only gemstone that is formed from living organisms. Pearls are well-loved because they come in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and types. Some of the types of pearls include, Freshwater, Saltwater (Akoya), Tahitian, and South Sea. Each of these pearls has characteristics that make them distinctive from other types of pearls. For example, Freshwater pearls are some of the smallest pearls (known as seed pearls) and have an intense luster. These pearls come in colors such as pink, lavender, peach and white.

Freshwater pearls are the most common type of pearl because they are the easiest pearl to grow, making them the most affordable and common type of pearl. This fact however, does not take away from the quality of the pearl. Though these pearls usually reach sizes of 12-14 millimeters, sizes as high as 20 mm. have been found. Freshwater pearls are also different from other types of pearls in the way they are nucleated. Instead of placing a round glass or ceramic bead farmers will use a piece of meat from the oyster itself to nucleate the pearl. This makes freshwater pearls the least likely to wear down over time because they are mostly made of nacre. Akoya pearls are also nucleated differently than other pearls because they are always perfectly round pearls.

The way to ensure that these pearls come out in a flawless shape is to use a perfectly round irritant inside the oyster during implantation. Another feature of Akoya pearls is that they are smaller sizes than bothe Tahitian and South Sea pearls and usually Freshwater pearls. Akoya pearls come in 3-4 mm. and generally only reach a size of 10mm, which is smaller than other pearls. Tahitian and South Sea pearls can reach staggering sizes of 20mm at times and start growing around 6-7 mm. One different aspect of Tahitian pearls is the color they come in. The shell of the oyster that produces this pearl is commonly known as the Black Lipped Oyster and contains in it ranging from black to silver, to peacock to light blue and even turquoise. The wonderful thing about Tahitian pearls is that there are so many different over tones among each pearl, you might think you are looking at a certain color, but the over tone could completely change it. Tahitian pearls were originally grown in French Polynesia and popular in the Pacific Islands but have grown in popularity all over the world.

Many women love them because of their unique colors. South Sea pearls also come in natural colors that are uncommon to any other type of pearl. These colors include beautiful gold, silver, and a creamy white and these pearls are reguarded as the highest quality of pearl in the world. Many factors are considered when appraising pearls including, surface quality (whether the pearl has any indentations), luster, the way the light reflects of the pearl, the higher the better. Another quality that contributes to the price of a pearl is roundness. Though a round quality is considered a better pearl, pearls come in many shapes and many women actually prefer pearls that come in uncommon shapes. Shapes of cultured pearls include baroque, which have little lines in the pearls which neatly wrap around the pearl. Coin pearls are a specialty of freshwater pearls and come in a flat disk-like shape. Other shapes are semi-round, teardrop, and button pearls. Although pearls were found all over nature thousands of years ago, most of these resources have been tapped out and buying cultured pearls is usually the only way to find a vast variety of beautifully constructed pearls. At Aloha Pearls, we carry the widest selection of any type of pearl you could want.

Some of the most beautiful pieces of cultured pearl jewelry are earrings. Pearl jewelry require little care, and are naturally lubricated by the skin as they are worn, keeping them lustrous. These earrings come in many different styles from studs to glamorous dangle earrings. Our pearl earrings are set in the best way to complement each individual pearl. We design our pearls to offer both a modern and sophisticated look. If you cannot make it into our store location, then browse our website for a simple and hassle free shopping experience.

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