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Does mobile marketing have a place in political advertising?

by anonymous

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Mobile Marketing is fast becoming a phenomenon in the way advertisers are now marketing their products, services and campaigns. Never before have consumers been so easier to reach, day or night and in such a personal way. But whilst its effectiveness in the world of commercial advertising is becoming plain to see, does mobile marketing have a place in political advertising?


Commercial advertising is synonymous with US culture and has long been a central and highly successful feature in American society leading the way Americans shop and spend the mighty dollar. Political advertising has also found its place in that society over the past few decades and has increasingly become an essential tool in campaign strategies for both localised and Presidential campaigns. But are the political campaigns running on traditional methods or is mobile marketing finding its niche within them? Well the answer is a categorical YES! Mobile marketing does have a place in political advertising.


It is widely known that President Obama owes a much to his effective use of mobile marketing in his own successful run for the White House in 2008. In fact, mobile marketing played a pivotal and critical role in his campaign and outreach strategies and probably went a long way to helping him win the election. it brought him closer to the people, the voters in a way no other form of marketing has done to date.


Obama's campaign ran his mobile marketing campaign using two simple mobile platforms; the 62262 (spells OBAMA) common short code and the or websites. Obama's use of mobile was thought to be an important part of his Change message. Distributive Networks worked on the SMS effort to great effect, collaborating with Single Point for the creation, launch and management of the interactive mobile campaigns utilised.


In contrast, it is thought that the absence of mobile marketing in the US mid-term elections recently, resulted in many campaigners failing to reach voters with their political messages. What could be more convincing?



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