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Order The Best Filteco Parts And Neumag Parts

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The modern engineering establishments of today are fully equipped. These are involved in a variety of engineering tasks that require the finest accuracies in the production of components with micronic tolerance. Some of these precision engineering companies cater to the needs of different kinds of sectors. These industries can be as varied as defense and automotive or food & beverage and textiles. Since precision products are the forte for these companies, they are not only ISO qualified but they also possess the latest machines.

These are in the range of CNC milling and turning besides multi-tasking machines as well as EDM machines. Such companies also possess laser equipment for the alignment of extrusion barrels, facilities for metallurgical analysis, metrology and the repair of gearboxes. The range of extrusion parts produced by these companies includes aspirators and ceramic guides, idler rolls and interlacing jets, besides texturing jets and thread up tools.

The precision parts manufactured for extrusion machines include Barmag parts and Filteco parts, parts for Fare and Mackie parts, Reiter parts, Sahm parts as well as Neumag parts. Besides these the high technology companies produce parts for air entanglement such as Gilbos parts, Belmont parts and Neumag air entanglement parts. For heat set and twisting applications, parts are manufactured for GVA, Superba, Sussen and Volkman.

Quality Filteco parts produced include parts for Filteco 2000 Winder, 3000 Series Winder, parts for Filteco guides, Filteco pulleys/Idler Rolls, Filteco pump and extruder as well as parts for Filteco texturizer. There are parts for Filteco 2000 Winder, the winder kit and the winder assemblies. The Filteco parts for the 2000 Winder include parts such as the left and right hand protection flanges, hex piece of different specifications, tooth pulley and Doffin Wheel Cover. The parts for Filteco 2000 Winder kit consist of the tooth motor pulley, regulator block, support block and transfer block. Similarly, the parts for Filteco 2000 assemblies include transfer cylinder, texturizer assembly, transfer belt assembly, synthetic fiber pump, spin pack and roll and cam support assembly.

There are a large number of Neumag parts that are produced by precision parts manufacturing companies. These include parts for Neumag guides, Neumag pulley/idler roll, the pump and extruder as well as texturizer and winders. Some of the Neumag parts for guides include parts such as thread guide bar of different specifications and stick guide assembly, guide, guide holder, tension device and pigtail guide among many others.

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