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Unsure of Your Future? Consider Training to be a Welder

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Unsure of Your Future? Consider Training to be a Welder.

With today's economic status, recent high school graduates or just those looking for a career change may have thought once or twice about how to obtain a stable job and make a competitive salary at the same time. With good job prospects and a comparably high salary, a career in welding may afford you this opportunity.

What do Welders do?

Because welding is the most common way to join metal pieces through the use of heat, it is vastly used for a variety of functions and in many industries. Welding may be used to aid the construction of buildings, bridges, joining pipes in pipelines, and automobile manufacturing. Welders may often face a number of work hazards, such as being exposed to very hot materials. To prevent any eye and skin injuries or any other dangers, welders are trained on the job and through the technical programs in welding colleges to wear precautionary gear including safety shoes and clothing, masks, and hats. Welders may perform their work in outdoor or indoor environments depending on the job description and general nature of the welding project.

Outlook for Welders

Training for welding workers may consist of the completion of a welding technical school program or even basic on the job instruction. Formal training can be found at many community colleges and other postsecondary institutions, such as welding colleges and private welding technical school programs. Some high schools even offer welding curriculum. In addition, the United States Armed Forces have established welding programs for those wishing to pursue careers at the government level. While in some cases those without any formal instruction may be hired, most employers prefer job candidates to possess some sort of welding experience and/or education. One of the best aspects about this career is that welding skills are universal and can be applied to many industries, affording a great degree of versatility and job security. Prospects will be especially good for those trained in the most up-to-date technologies and for those willing to relocate to find a job. In terms of salary, welding workers may earn a comfortable living with median wage rates placed at over $16.00 per hour.

Is Welding the Right Choice for You

In addition to an ability to concentrate on projects for long periods of time and work in other uncomfortable conditions, welding workers must possess good eyesight with a high level of manual dexterity. Math and problem solving skills are helpful too. While most welders work a 40 hour week, swing shifts ranging from 8 to 12 hours per day may be required and many workers are presented with opportunities to work overtime.


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