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Want To Travel India with Budget Facilities

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Do you want to go for a vacation with limited budget but desire to sense a rich culture, quench your thirst for adventure, and relax, in the same trip? A trip to India arguably is the most befitting for you.

India’s glorious diversity can leave one in predicament when planning itinerary. If you want to see places of worship, it offers you an assortment of scared sites from exquisitely preserved Jain temples to worn out Buddhist stupas; if you’re a history buff, there are hundreds of cities harboring magnificent
palaces, forts, and ancient ruins, each telling its own tale. If you a have thing for water there are the holy Himalayan rivers, and numerous free beaches to splash around. There is no dearth of sites for nature lovers either; the Himalayan treks offer some of the best scenic experiences.

Travelling economical in India can be easy if you choose the time of travel carefully. It can be interesting and adventurous too. For instance, south west India (including Goa) is more expensive from December to February. The prices peak around Christmas and New Year. Hill stations of North and south India, sees its peak season during April and May. Accommodation prices easily get doubled or tripled during this time.

If you are a do-it-yourself and high on exploration person, you could plan the itinerary, travel,
accommodation, and food, by yourself; else choose the slightly more expensive option of enrolling yourself with one or many budget tours organized by various travel agencies of the country. If you choose the former option, you should definitely read further.


A streetwise and rugged traveler can live on 1000-1200 rupees a day. A hotel room with the bare minimum hygiene and safety, costs 800-1000 rupees; although there may not be any A/C and room service facility at this price. is a good website to start looking for an accommodation of your choice and budget. TIP – If you bargain, you can procure substantive discounts for long stays.


The rustic and chaotic life of Indians can be experienced the best while travelling in buses and trains.  Travelling around a city on your feet and in local buses will give you chance to meet the local the simple, suave and colorful people of India. The latter option is the cheapest means of transportation but often an uncomfortable one. Non-A/C intercity buses and trains cost 400-1000 rupees while their counterparts cost 800-2000 rupees, depending on distance and location.


You can live on little in India if you are up for street food. In south India a thali (complete meal for one) costs 50-60 rupees. In north India food is slightly more expensive than in the south. Nevertheless, vegetarian food is still cheaper than meat. In general, restaurants frequented by locals offer the cheapest and the most filling meals. A local tea-coffee stall offers tea and coffee for 5-10 rupees; whereas a latte in an air-conditioned café like Barista costs 60-70 rupees. However, if you are hygiene conscious, you will have to spend more.

To sum up, a trip to experience the true India can be tailored to fit any budget. It’s a place which will leave a permanent imprint on your mind and soul.


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