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Commom Mistakes while shopping online

by abhi70

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Online shopping has become a mundane task for some people. You would be amazed to find out the amount of people who shop online every day. It is convenient, easy and it saves lot of time and money.
But as they say that there are two sides to every coin so does online shopping. It has its own pros and cons.
The increasing number of online shoppers has given rise to frauds and thefts. Shopping online is not secure anymore and a lot of people have learned it the hard way. But the advantages of shopping online cannot be overlooked. By avoiding some common mistakes you can make your online shopping experience more enjoyable and out of harm’s way .Here are some of the common mistakes you can avoid before shopping online.

Too much information

Giving out too much information is one of the most common and gravest mistake people make while shopping online. Giving your personal information can not only lead to identity theft. So make sure that you only give the necessary information like name and address.
Insecure websites
Always check whether the URL has https in the address bar. The ‘s’ in the https:// means that it is a secured website. Fishy sites
If you are on a website which has a poor design, weird address and get multiple windows then leave the site immediately and close the browser. It could be a illegitimate website.
Shipping charges
Always check the shipping charges of the product. Sometimes we end up paying more for the shipping than the product. Return policy
Always check the return policy of any company. If the product is defective or a wrong product is delivered then will they pay for the shipping to return the product?
Bank account number
Never reveal your bank account number to any website.
Products can be returned if they are not shipped on time or you can also demand a refund.
Cell phone shopping can be dangerous
Avoid Online shopping from the cell phone since the shortened URLs can lead the user to harmful sites. And also don’t use public Wi-Fi as it can make it easy for hackers to get your personal information. Email marketing
Never buy products from Email specials unless you requested it from the company. It’s not necessary that the product must have come from a real company. So avoid spam mails.
Check the product properly
Always check the product properly before ordering for it. Sometimes the product seems different than the one which we see on the website.
A lot of online shoppers don’t check the credentials of the website before shopping. It’s one of the most important things as it shows how much we can trust the merchant. So, always check the credentials of a website.

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