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Multivitamins and protein powders for effective growth

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Wherever there is a need for extra bursts of energy that will sustain the athlete, the sportsperson, the footballer or the adventurer there will always be a necessity for multivitamins and other energy yielding additives such as the protein powder. These additives encompass mass gainers for the weightlifter or the wrestler, fat burners and amino acid, creatine and waxy maize or arginine/nitric oxide. These substances are manufactured under different brand names such as API and Cytosport as well as Dymatize and Inner Armour or Labrada, Muscle Pharm, Muscle Tech and Nutrex.

In the Category of protein powder one can order CytoSport muscle milk collegiate in packs weighing 5.29 lb for a balanced and complete formula that supports post training recovery for improved muscle growth. The Dymatize elite whey protein isolate pack is available in 5 lb packs. This is a high quality protein now available in the market that is also one of the best to taste. Each serving of this Protein Powder has 24 gm of whey protein and more than 4 gm of glutamine and glutamine peptides as well as in excess of 5 gm of branched chain amino acids or BCAA. This protein also dissolves and mixes quite easily. One can also order the powder from Inner Armour. This is whey hydrolysate enhanced and is a powerful protein powder with 48 gm of protein per two scoops. There are 18 gm of glutamine or BCAA as well.

The protein powder from Labrada is a Pro V60 multi-purpose protein blend that is not only instant but also delicious and easy to use. This is a versatile product and one can use it either as a maximum strength protein supplement for increasing one’s protein intake or just as a high protein, low carbohydrate meal replacement drink. This is a smart choice if you wish to build and tone lean muscle without any unwanted fat. Just two scoops of this blend contain 60 gm of five different proteins that include three forms of whey protein and egg albumin and casein. It’s also low in fat and easily digested.

For the physically oriented person there is a large variety of antioxidants and products for joint support as well as multivitamins and energy boosters. There are water eliminators, fibers, Protein Bar and gels besides omega fatty acids and waxy maize. The multivitamins may be ordered in packs of 100 tablets of Now. These have all the 14 nutrients that are required and are in a vegetarian formula. The Ultimate nutrition vitamin C pack has 120 chewable caplets. Each tablet contains 500 mg vitamin C. On the other hand the Ultimate Nutrition Vitamin C plus Calcium pack has 60 caplets with each caplet containing 826 mg Vitamin C.

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