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How Do Oysters Produce a Pearl?

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Naturally, a grain of stand will enter the oyster, causing the muscles inside to be irritated. The oyster, trying to expel the irritant, covers it instead with nacre and luster. Instead of waiting for an irritant to enter the oyster, modern pearl farmers seed the oysters with a nucleus, commonly made out of crystal or ceramic bead. (saltwater pearls). Freshwater pearls are seeded usually using a piece of meat from the oyster itself or a piece of shell, yielding some of the most beautiful pearls ever seen for centuries. This process allows farmers to create many different shapes and sizes of freshwater pearls. Fresh water pearls are some of the most common pearls and therefore are very affordable, without sacrificing quality, but there are many different types of pearls grown throughout the world.

At Aloha Pearls, we offer Pearl in Oyster sets. These sets contain an oyster with either a freshwater or saltwater pearl inside. There is an option of five different colors of pearls that can be chosen from each oyster, gray, black, pink, lavender, and white. Each of these colors has the Hawaiian meaning of the pearl color, and can be paired with a silver cage necklace that encases the pearl perfectly. The accompanying necklaces come in four different designs, a star fish, dolphins, plumeria flower or sea turtle. These products make wonderful gifts and provide meaningful souvenirs from vacations to Hawaii and are suitable for woman and girls of all ages. If you already have a pearl jewelry, purchase one of the necklaces, so you can admire it daily and it is kept in a safe spot. At Aloha Pearls, we offer something for everyone and our Pearl in an Oyster boxes are just the tipping point. Stop by our store location on Oahu or visit our website at to find some truly inspiring design.

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