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CRM Software - Steps in selecting the best solutions

by crmdomain

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CRM Software selection process can be a daunting task and a company may have to struggle in choosing the right solution. The below are ‘must have’ features and functionality that should be there in the solution that will ensure a business choose a CRM system which will support the requirements now and into the future.

Plan and ensure buy-in

  • Collect information on advantages, savings, ROI and cost justification in selecting and implementing the CRM software solution. Present it to your seniors and make sure that everyone in the organisation is on board with the project to ensure success.
  • Consider and determine the cost associated with selection process as well as implementation, integration, training and support.
  • Determine and work closely with the stake holders in the project. Establish a common companywide goal for CRM Software solution. Put together a project team that is headed by a true CRM evangelist.
  • Determine the main pain points in your bushiness which areas will benefit from improvement through the new systems. Map your current processes in all areas of the organisation. Then, the company will be better prepared to select CRM that meet the business requirement and need.

Evaluating the options

  • It’s necessary for a business to work with a partner that offers Software Selection consulting services to help the business throughout the process. While going for a demo it’s necessary that the partner understands the company requirements and should be committed in showing how their system will meet those requirements. Don’t waste your time being swept away by impressive features that a particular business will never use.                                                                               
  • A business should consider their hardware and operating systems before choosing the right solution. A company should not waste time, effort and money in seeing those products that aren’t feasible and doesn’t support the company’s systems.
  • If a company is looking at several options it’s necessary for them to establish a scoring system that tracks the various benefits and shortcomings of each product.  The scoring needs to reflect not only the features of the products, but the qualitative aspects of the solution and working with the partner.
  • Internal project CRM team should be present in all the demos and meetings with the partner. They should be encouraged to give feedback, suggestions, ask questions or share their concerns.
  • Make sure that the latest version of the software is shown to you. Don’t go for the CRM Software based on promises for future technologies.

Considering a solution that grow with the business

  • A right CRM System in the long term will enable a company to have the benefits of marketing campaign management, sales force automation, customer care, contact management, task management, and scheduling. Don’t settle for short term goals which will cause a business to repeat the software selection process in the long run and cost the business to implement or integrate disparate products. 
  • A CRM Software should have the necessary features to get it integrated with other business application like phone, systems and websites. It should be able to be deployed on different technologies as per requirement. Moreover, the CRM should be able to support the ways the businesses are done and accessible from anywhere and support all support all standard wireless devices as well as support interactive web chat with your customers and make a wide range of information available to them over robust web sites. 
  • The software solution needs to be properly matched to your technical requirements and capabilities.  Therefore, you should look for a CRM that provides the capability to seamlessly move from a hosted solution to an on-site system and vice versa as your technical abilities change. 



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