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Alkaline Water: Protects our body from the evils of Acidity

by waterworksforu

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An effective functioning of the human body mechanism is dependent on various important factors; a slight imbalance would result in diseases and malfunctioning. The pH balance or the balance between acid and alkali plays an important role in the functioning of the human body. Water, with its rejuvenating and purifying effects, keeps this alkaline well balanced. However, common drinking water is now being replaced by alkaline water for maintaining optimal health and protects from the harmful withdrawals of acidity too.


The paragraphs below demonstrates the reasons of acidity in the body and the advantages of drinking ionized water in overcoming the acidic effects inside the body -


What causes acidity in the human body?

There are different factors responsible for causing increased levels of acidity in the body, those includes -

  1. Increased consumption of acidic food over a long time results in acidic radicals in the body.
  2. Foods like sugar, meats, dairy, coffee and alcohol we consume on an everyday basis are the biggest contributors of acid radicals.
  3. Pathogens, bacteria and yeasts produce acids that may accumulate in the body and are harmful.
  4. There is excessive build up of acid when the buffering mechanism of the body weakens over time.


Advantages of drinking Ionized Water in treating acidity:

Helps to neutralize free radicals

                The several metabolic processes and external factors like diet, smoking and pollution are responsible for        the production of many free radicals inside the body. These free radicals are responsible for oxidation,    which results in ageing, cellular damage and chronic inflammation. Alkaline water has reducing         properties, which helps to eliminate these free radicals present inside the body.


Increase in hydration –

                The conversion of water into an alkaline form results in its restructuring which results in better hydration     of the cells. This hydration helps to eliminate the toxins from the human body and makes it healthier in the         end. An increased level of hydration results in increased amount of oxygen in the blood.


Alkalizing effect on the body –

                This ionized water has an alkalizing effect on the body, helps against acidosis, one of the primary reasons       for developing various diseases and hastening the process of ageing.


Alkaline water is important to maintain the health and wellness of our body, visit to find ionizers, which helps to produce ionized water for drinking.

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