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Can I Use Spiritual Stuff?

by personallifecoach

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I have a confession to make: I'm a bit of a rebel. Yes I know as a life coach I'm “supposed to” have specific behaviours, perceptions and frames of mind (particularly in public!), and guess what, as a Buddhist I am supposed to have a unique (though overlapping) set. But if you would like an article along the lines of “It's all about going with the flow maximising your prospects accepting the wish of the universe struggling for outcomes peace and love could be fabulously wealthy happiness comes from inside you can have it all now!”, then bad luck … That just is not what my life's like!

Fortunately, once we chop through the jungle of B-grade clichés we explore that modern self-development and real spiritual paths both provide tools and concepts that will be able to radically transform our time on this planet. There's so much really beneficial stuff, as a matter of fact, that it could be hard to select from the alternatives, so my goal in this article is to look at what spirituality can mean, and why you might choose to explore it a bit more.

To begin with, here is a quick questionnaire:
Firstly, do you believe happiness comes from inside?
And, just out of curiosity, do you act like you do, i.e. do you target more attention on what's inside, or on other stuff?

Nearly all of you will have answered yes to the first question, and believing you're reasonably truthful with yourself I'm guessing that an even bigger majority will have answered no to the second. Oops! Is it not remarkable the way we see the map, which says “Turn right”, and still we drive left instead?

Modern self-developers usually say “you will be able to have more wealth, a fulfilling career, great relationships (etc. etc.) and spirituality (+/- “whatever that implies to you”)”. Spirituality becomes an item on the objects-that-make-you-happy menu, another shiny “thing” to “gain”. But how about if spirituality could imply something else? Ultimately, the Buddha didn't say “you can have gold, power, dancing girls, more cattle and enlightenment”; he said “here is a way that will take away your sorrow and provide you huge happiness, and it is totally about changing what is going on in your head”.

Spiritual paths emphasise (if I might paraphrase the “Go to Jail” card in the well known board game Monopoly) that you could “Go straight to Happiness; don’t pass Go; absolutely no need to collect $200”, and that this is not just possible but even the absolute best choice you can ever make in your life.

I guess that one reason I attract clients who are serious about their happiness is as I also believe that time spent on the “external” stuff is generally unnecessarily slow.

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