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A Guide to Buying Better Stair Newels

by Editor123

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Staircase remodeling is a popular trend these days. It is largely a result of the increased availability of high quality stair parts. These stair parts are inspiring more and more homeowners to change the way their staircases look and give them a brand new appearance. Indeed, such is the variety of stair parts to be seen today that a visit to the market to shop for them can leave one totally confused. They are available in all shapes and sizes, with designs ranging from the classical to the Victorian to the contemporary.

If you are planning to buy stair newels, you are likely to encounter a similar range of choices. They are available in a wide range of designs and colors and finishes. There are customization possibilities too. This means you can have the newels built according to your very own designs. Given such a wide variety of options, how does one pick the right stair newels? Let’s try and make things a little simpler.
One of the primary things to remember while buying stair newels is the fact that they are available in two basic kinds – hollow and solid. Hollow newels are usually rectangular in shape and hence, are often called as box newels. Solid newels, on the other hand, usually have a more rounded appearance. You can choose to select either kind of stair newels based on what appeals to you more and how you intend your staircase to look like.

Stair newels, almost always, lend a grand and rich touch to the overall appearance of a staircase. They are an excellent means for making any plain staircase look more elegant and impressive. But apart from aesthetics, stair newels also have a very distinct function. They lend critical support for the railings and can help make a staircase a lot safer to use. In fact, they are among the few stair parts that have both an aesthetic and a functional purpose. Place the newels at regular intervals to not just make the stairway look more beautiful, but also to make the railings more stable and stronger. After all, what good is a stairway that only looks good but is not safe to use.

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