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About buying the most efficient agricultural machinery

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Today, agriculture in any form has become a very complex and technology intensive business. You will, therefore, have to look for the right kind of producer and supplier of agricultural machinery. This is the only way you can ensure that the implements that you buy are efficient in operation, economical to buy and use, environmentally friendly and durable. This requirement is applicable for the entire range of farm machinery starting with the most basic tool, the tractor. It’s the tractor that is the work horse of yesteryears. The tractor pulls a large variety of machines and equipments. Other machinery includes the plow and the tiller, the drag, spike and disk harrows as well as the cultivator or the spading machine besides the rock picker.

You need the mechanized planters and transplanters, the seed drill and the broadcast seeders besides the mulch layers all for the seeding operation. For irrigation, you will need special machinery depending on your process selection such as surface irrigation, drip irrigation, manual irrigation or automatic and sprinkler irrigation. For harvesting, you will need threshers and combine harvesters as well as the corn, cane or bean harvesters and the cotton pickers. For very large farms, even planes or helicopters may be required for spraying of crops and the tracking of herds of animals.

For landscaping turf, the basic requirement is that of efficient aeration systems. These must remove compaction and ensure that the optimum air-water mix reaches the roots of the plants. Specially designed tines are used for this process, such as the Shattertine for breaking down the compaction. For the maintenance of infiltration rates, Sportstine and Finetine are used depending on the nature of the turf while the Super Finetine is used for managing thatch. Occasionally, coring tine is also used.

The use of the right kind of tillage equipment will ensure high production levels. Such equipment will invariably include both primary and secondary tillage. Secondary, tillage produces a smoother surface that is necessary for the seeding operation while the primary tillage will give you a rough surface finish. There are professional manufacturers of farm equipments that have been in this business since 1976.

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