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Nepal Treasure the Hidden Golden Attractions

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Nepal is truly the most beautiful destinations which is located in the Asia and is the most travelled destination in the entire world. This is one of the major destinations and truly the visitors from all over the globe flood in this country throughout the year. This beautiful country is popular for its eternal beauty and is lovingly called as land of assortments. This beautiful country is beautifully endowed by the lofty heights of Himalayas. The colorful culture, rich heritage and the historical landmarks of this country are truly amazing and is very worth to visit and explore. The fascinating lifestyle and incredible accommodations with excellence amenities easily enhance the visitors from all over the globe.


Nepal is one of the fascinating countries in entire world which is picturesquely situated between China and India. This landlocked country is truly wonder and a country which dotted with many hidden wonders which truly enhance the importance of Nepal Tourism. Some of the attractions and destinations which are very worth to visit and explore as you tour to Nepal are listed below:




Kathmandu is the capital city of the Nepal and truly the most travelled destination in this beautiful country. The favorable climatic conditions and the hospitable people of this city are truly amazing. The magnificent accommodations facilities in this city and in Nepal are tempting which always tempts the tourist to visit this country again and again. This beautiful country is abode to many government offices, corporate houses and splendid forts and palace and truly this city in Nepal becomes bliss for the visitors. Lovingly this city of Nepal is identified as the golden heaven which has a small world within itself. Some of the major tourist attractions which truly are very worth to visit and explore are such as old palace of Newar kings, Basantapur, Freak Street, Thamel, Durbar Marg and Kathmandu Durbar Square (UNESCO World Heritage Sites). The list of attractions does not limits here as this beautiful city are speckled numerous sheer wonders which will over cast a magical spurt on your visit.


Golden Gate


Golden gate is one of the major Nepal Tourist Attractions and is pride of Nepal as visited by the most of visitors here in this country. This stunning gate is located in Bhaktapur Durbar Square. This gate is considered as to be the most beautiful and rich specimen of its Kind in the entire world. Lovingly identified as door of great monument, is ornamented with mysterious monsters and other mythical creatures. The door is of great archaeological, historical and religious importance and truly of the striking attractions in the country. This beautiful Golden Gate was built by the Monarch Ranjit Malla, this door is the entrance to the main courtyard of the palace of fifty five windows and this gate is also assisted by two heavenly nymphs.


Well along these there are many attractions and fantabulous destinations which are worth to visit along with a Nepal Tour Guide will truly offer you amazing and delightful vacation.


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