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A quick guide to turf aeration

by Editor123

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Whether your focus is on landscaping turf or the lawn or you are a commercial farmer growing corn and wheat, you just can’t get away from the problems that your soil faces due to compaction. This is a perennial problem and one that you have to learn to live with and tackle every day, round the year. The basic problem boils down to the air being squeezed out of the soil due to one or all of several reasons. Compacting, as the problem is known as, can occur due to the machinery such as the golf cars and mowers among others. It can also be caused due to the excessive movement of people and cattle. Even rain drops can cause compacting. With the air squeezed out of the soil, you would need to increase the porosity of the soil as well as find ways to get the water and air mixture down to the roots of the plants. Porous soil will also favor absorption of moisture and, finally, prevent agriculture runoffs. This brings up the necessity of the best aerators that are easy to operate, effective in their operation, besides being economical.

The AerWay family of aerators has very effective tools, which are low in cost and fast in operation while at the same time are very versatile in the aeration of the turf. This family consists of various types of scientifically designed tines. The Shattertine from this family uses several series of angles and offsets that are patented to safeguard their efficiency standards. These establish a high percolation rate and actually recreate the soil’s natural capillary action. For the subsequent maintenance of the infiltration rates, use is made of the AerWay Sportstine and Finetine depending on whether your operations are in the fairways and tees or playing field or in the greens and approaches. For improving the management of your lawn, you could use the AerWay brand of lawn plug aerator that will keep the soil loose to permit deeper water penetration, so that you don’t need to aerate frequently despite the fact that clay soil being compact needs regular aeration.

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