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EPABX- An Effective System for Small Businesses

by smesauda01

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Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system is a private telephone network that is used within a company. PBX users are allotted a specific number of outside lines which they can use to make external telephone calls. Soon PBX evolved into EPABX. Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange. This technology has been in existence ever since World War II. However, it was commercially introduced in the year 1960 and new technologies in system are constantly being released in the market since then.

One of the newest development is the IP enabled EPABX that can be used to make calls using Internet Protocol. Almost all the current EPABX support VoIP. Although the telecom system was once expensive, now with the introduction of open source projects that collaborate with very cheap modern hardware, the cost of the system ownership has been greatly reduced.

The main system component in an EPABX is its internal switching network. The EPABX system and its logic system are controlled by Microcontrollers and Microcomputers for arbitrary data processing. Its operation is facilitated by EPABX logic cards, power cards, control and switching cards. The telephone set is often mentioned as the arteries and veins of EPABX. Signals are delivered to and from the system by means of External Telco. Incoming calls within the system is allowed by the EPABX switchboard or the console.

The system has a host of features. Some of them are auto dialing, auto attendant, automated directory services, automatic on busy or absence, call transfer, call pick-up, call-waiting, custom greetings, conference call, customized abbreviated, direct inward dialing, busy override, direct inward system access, night service, music on hold, night service, voice mail, shared message boxes and voice messages.

One of the greatest advantages of incorporating the system is that it comes with loads of features that can either be added or removed at any time making it extremely customizable. All line merging, video conferencing and entire call conference are some the features that can be included on to the system.

EPABX system can be defined as a mini telephone exchange which is exclusively used for an organization or business. It is a category of business phone systems which is used within a business environment. Using single telephonic connection multi-line connections can be made. It enables users within the business to perform call switching and other similar activities. By installing an EPABX system, the cost of providing external telephone lines to each employ can be greatly minimized by the company.

There are different types of EPABX - Mobile, Hosted, IP and Wireless EPABX. Each caters to a different type of need. Based on what the need is for a company, it can choose the type of system that is available in the market. When a company grows or expands, it may need a system that can be upgraded to offer more extension lines and trunk. In such cases, purchase systems with more room for expansion. is a leading online shopping portal only for offices, companies and organizations etc. We deals in all type of office equipments like Paper shredders, Power tools, epabx, currency counting machine, Printer, cctv camera, testing instruments etc in all over India.

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